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Tribute to RK Laxman

Epithet of (un)common Man


Happy go lucky
Don’t bother simply
Take it lightly
Live life freely


Easy going and loud laughing
And @lways joking
No hard feeling (s)
Often forgiving


Open n broad minded
No favour demanded
Cheered n clapped n praised
One who is most pleased


Characteristics of un-common man
A rare commodity, a peculiar layman
Alas, is @lways present, in a dormant style
Deep inside @ll n sundry
Called as a Jewel of the Nile!

Milind Kale

BusyBee two

I was not me,
nor me was I


A week of endurance
hectic Isabel Marant Shoes abrupt schedule
a client to attend
alternative resolve to append


Subjugate a sudden surge
of hurdles n steeplechase
Promulgate a solute
to satiate n mitigate


A labyrinth of ifs, buts n what fors
where to, how to and when tos
Dilemma, enigma n questioning 
emerges out of the box thinking


A professional pleasure
a commitment of hand holding
step by step approaching resolve
Delivers the lasting coup de maitre


I was not me
nor me was I

Milind Kale

Been there, Done that.

Down the memory lane


And they lived happily there @fter
“The End”, says, yesteryear hindi picture


The catchline, so common n casual
Actually speaking, a real life manual


End of singularity, advent of responsibility
End of vanity, to attain maturity


Towards mutual Dignity, Solemnity
Actually its like a Unity in Diversity


Unwind, rewind and replay
Sit back, relax, n enjoy, so to say


Looking back n reflecting
23 long years n counting!


Been there, done that!

Sphinx and स्फटिक

SPHINX & स्फटिक

A Sphinx

An ancient statue having the body of a lion and the head of a man. It also means an inscrutable person.

Inscrutable means enigmatic, incapable of being investigated, analyzed, or scrutinized, impenetrable, not easily understood, mysterious, or unfathomable.


A Crystal, Crystal clear or Transparent or See through.

Take your take, choice is entirely yours!

मिलिंद काळे, 29th October 2015

Diploma n Degree

Engineering Diploma versus Engineering Degree. Age old, never ending debate. Generally speaking (sic!), a degree holder is more proficient or a diploma holder, with same years of experience/exposure, is? Is he not?

My own experience (my own), is, surprisingly, a diploma holder, with same capability, sans a paper degree, is more enthusiastic, sincere, hard working, all rounder – a multi tasker, but sadly less vocal. A diploma holder lacks communication skill n cunningness/slyness. As it is, there is an invisible stamp of a non-professional, because of lack of a degree. But they are more open, more positive, more energetic, more toiling n more obedient (!)!

This is purely my own opinion, no hard feelings! 

मिलिंद काळे, 27th October 2015

Great personality: Dhirubhai Ambani

Phrases, slangs, anecdotes, adages and maxims associated with THE one and ONLY.

Epithet of visionary, World class, World scale, Guts n Luck, Superlative, Tutelage, Up & about, Large hearted, Radical change agent, Juggernaut, Stupendous, Eloquent testimony, Enormous strength, Incredible vision, Amazing perseverance, Undaunting courage, Unflagging faith, Unflinching pursuit, Insurmountable odds, Non stop hard work, Herculean tasks, unperturbed, Candour, Openness, Unique, Backward integration programme, Courage of conviction, Exponential growth, Envision, Economies of scale, Against all ODDS and WHY NOT?

Famous words:

We must dare to dream, and dare to dream big! 

Ideas are nobody’s monopoly; think fast, think big and think ahead!

If plan ‘A’ did not work, the alphabet have 25 more letters! stay cool

Milind Kale

Mikhail Gorbachev & TN Sheshan

Undoubtedly, Mikhail Gorbachev, architect of Glasnost (Openness) and Perestroika (Restructuring) and T.N. Seshan, architect of Electoral reforms in India are the two most towering personalities of the 90s. 

While, the US-USSR relationship, & thus the global scenario was drastically altered because of Gorbachev, it can be reasonably reiterated that Seshan was instrumental in overhauling Indian political scenario.
We have the world around us as it is and now, the “Modified” India, because of them.

Thanks both!!!!!

Milind Kale

Peculiarity 1960-1970 born.

People born between 1960 and 1970 are very peculiar.Some have crossed 50 years of age and others are nearing it.

# We have travelled in coal engine driven locomotive.
# We have travelled in Trailer BEST bus 
# We have bicycled our way to places like Pune / Nashik / Alibaug, without fearing traffic on highways.
# We have whiled our way in Irani joints listening to various songs on Juke Box. inserting a 50 paise (!) / 1 rupee coin (!) by yourself or inserted by some one else!
# We have strolled at Marine drive or Worli Sea Face or Dadar Chowpatty or Girgaum Chowpatty at ungodly hours.
# We have used & carried a ‘T’ square thru’ local train for Engineering drawings.
# and for that matter, we have used a round carton box of Badminton shuttles to carry our drawing sheets to and fro engineering college.
# We have spent 5/6 hours in State Transport buses for going to Pune from Thane & vice versa.
# We have celebrated when we got a MTNL land line connection at home land have celebrated new purchases of Black n White television set, a fridge, a VCR/VCP, a colour TV set etc.
# We have first used a desk top computer providing an additional protective screen over it’s monitor! and over B&W TV set!

# and we have witnessed this beloved city of ours to grow out of proportion !!

Milind Kale

Be Professional.

Be punctual.

Time is the essence; it’s very much important that we be punctual. When we agree on a particular time, it’s our responsibility that we adhere to it. Reach the venue atleast 15 minutes earlier than the agreed time. Plan it properly, depending upon the location, mode of transport, time of day, day of the week and any specific happenning on this particular day/time.

Be true to your words.

Commitment is a commitment is a COMMITMENT!  No two ways about it. We should n must think twice, thrice before we utter something/give our word to anyone. Thereafter it’s our responsibility to adhere to the words/a commitment/a promise.

Be overboard n straightforward.

We must be outspoken, in a sense, that there should not be any scope for ambiguity. Neither there should be any misunderstanding nor a lack of clarity. @lways talk in plain, simple, unbiased, unemotional way.

Respect other’s views.

Nobody gives undue n unwarranted favours. There is, many a times, a difference of opinion. Learn ‘To agree to disagree!’

Do not shout or raise your voice.

Nothing is achieved by being hysterical! Keep your tone even. Voice modulation is important. Put across your point of view in an unhurried manner.


Do not give advice until and unless asked for the same! Free advice is very easy. Speak only when it’s appropriate and absolutely necessary. It’s very simple to be the judge of other’s actions n deeds but at the same time, it’s very difficult to be an advocate of our own!

@ll the Best.

Milind Kale

(Over)smart phone

Life is becoming easier or human nature is surrendering to the mechanised intelligence?
Simple example:
It’s a camera, it’s a calendar, it’s a calculator, it’s a telephone, it’s an alarm, it’s a pathfinder, it’s a compass, it’s a computer, it’s a wireless transmitter, it’s a temperature sensor/barometer, it’s a radio, it’s a tape recorder, it’s a voice recorder, it’s a karaoke, it’s a game player,….it’s a SMARTPHONE! (OverSmart)
Surely, mankind’s journey has begun towards UNKNOWN, UNTHINKABLE, n UNENDING! Infinity…

Milind Kale