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Nostalgia, a five dimensional phenomenon!

Nostalgia is a five dimensional phenomenon.

Three ‘physical’ lenear dimensions, coupled together with Time – ‘Spacetime’, a fourth dimension AND ‘Gravity’ as fifth dimension!

The unbelievable, unconceivable, uncontrollable, unimaginable creation of the UNKNOWN. The man, universe, galaxy n dimensional relativity!!

Albert Einstein had said that “We all know that light travels faster than sound. That’s why certain people appear bright until you hear them speak.”

But relatively speaking “Nostalgia travels faster than light n sound together. That’s why certain people appear as they seem to be, unless n until you ‘think’ about them in five dimensions.”

मिलिंद काळे, 14th November 2015


Friends are generous
Friends are numerous
Friends do straight talking
Friends do heartwarming


Friendship asks n0thing
Friendship says everything
Friendship is close encounter
Friendship is near and @lways more


Friendship is matching wavelengths
Friendship is watching sun rises
Friendship is Togetherness
Friendship is no limit Happiness


Friendship is seamless love
Friendship is silent dove
Friendship is high five n make
Friendship is give n no take


Friends are no touch n go
Friendship is no ego
Friends are fun whatever 
Friendship is forever!

Milind Kale

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English Movies, Bioscope.

Back to the future, Living Dead
Hollowman, Towering inferno
Blue Lagoon, Speed
Edward the Scissorhands

Never Say Never Again


Poltergeist, A Woman in Red
Exorcist, A Man of Steel
Spiderman, Where Eagles Dare
Salt, A Day of the Jackal
Bourne Identity


Superman, Ben Hur, Troy
A Spy who Loved Me
Species, Die Hard
Conan the great Barbarian
Bourne Supremacy

Milind Kale, +91 9987582416


Ghostbusters, Dr No
A man with the Golden Gun
Guns of Navarone, Coma
Conan the Destroyer
Bourne Legacy!

The Time Machine.

Hey, ahoy, let’s reverse the clock
Re-live the flashback block by block


Whither lenear entwined merry-go-round
A dilemma, either-nor, a cross road bound


Easy n handy, raw n pure gold mine
Distant uncut diamond n fur ermine


Upfront chance encounter deviated sigma
Missed the bull’s eye, against the dogma


Left dry, wry, unjust n unfair stigma
And ‘why’, still remains an enigma!

Milind Kale

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Generation G A P.

90% of us used to play with भोवरे
90% of them play with Bay-Blade


90% of us used to ride on bicycles
90% of them ride on motorcycles


90% of us used to like n eat Vada-Paav
90% of them like n eat frankie n burger


90% of us used to grow moustache
90% of them are clean-shaven


90% of us used ‘not’ to wear spectacles
90% of them have spectacles


90% of us did not talk n mix with girls
90% of them do everything together


90% of us asked first n then ‘do’ the things
90% of them do the things first n then ‘tell’


90% of us had time for ‘Everything’
90% of them don’t seem to have time for ‘Anything!!’


Generation g a p

Milind Kale, +91 9987582416

Yes, No to Infinity.



Yes-Open mind.



Milind Kale, +91 9987582416

Nepal, Nature n Newtons Third Law (for every action there is an equal @nd opposite reaction)

My mother earth, mother nature
Loving, caring, doting n serene

Swept and drove so fast n furious
Damaging, devastating n disastrous

Scaling seven on richter band
Killing more than fifteen grand

Realisation dawns on us people
Who have destroyed with hammer n  sickle

Ignoring pleas, cries of global warming
Danger was looming n alarming

The horrendous tragedy about to happen
Ruing, repenting without spirits dampen

We have learned the hard way,
To respect nature come what may

Bio diversity to the fore
Eco sensitivity is the core!

Milind Kale

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Master of @ll trades & Jack of none !?

A jack of all trades and,
the master of none
Lack in the depths and,
clutter of a drone

Build castles in the air and,
make tall claims
Will get you nowhere and,
washed down the drains

Surrender to the destiny and,
hope for the best
Pray to the Almighty and,
try out the rest

Be a silent sentinel and,
reason out the blunder
Fight with @ll arsenal and,
roar like a thunder

Milind Kale

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A symbolic tribute to @ll time great novels/books written by some of the legendary writers!

For the new intellectuals
To the Manor borne
Where eagles dare
The Godfather

The lady vanishes
(on) Night of January 16th
(of) Five point someone
(a) Kane and Abel

We the living
(in) Papillon
The Fountainhead
(as) Chicken soup for the soul

(the) Matlock Paper
(when) Atlas Shrugged
(in) Coma
(the F^uhrer) Mein Kampf!

Milind Kale

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Quarrelling, patch-up ing!

Thou shalt not cheat
Thou shalt not lie
Thou shalt not steal, pilfer or loot
Thou shalt not curse

Thou shalt not offentd
Thou shalt not envy
Thou shalt not humiliate
Thou shalt not be lousy n sulky

Thou shalt not victimize
Thou shalt not paralyze

That’s ours group
u erred mister, nonetheless
Remember undeliable
Ten commandments

Receptive n considerate
Sympathetic n understanding
Delighted n satisfied
Optimistic n affectionate

Free and easy
Bright n blessed
Curious n concerned
Unique n engrossed

That’s ours group for u, mister,

Forgive n forget
accept n make up
For मैत्र जीवाचे, it’s just
Like a storm in a tea cup


Milind Kale

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