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No Honking Day on 3rd January 2016

An earnest & sincere appeal to all.

Vehicle horn is (only) for emergency. And exigency.

But why everyone, young n old, 2 wheeler rider n 4 wheeler driver, learners n experts alike, blow horn, without any reason whatsoever? Many a times, just for a hang of it. Or just out of (a bad) habit!

Noise pollution is one of the gravest threat that we, humans, pose to the environment. As it is, our mother earth is wilting under global warming due to man-made ignorance to the natural weather and climatic conditions.

Irresponsible and indiscriminate honking is adding fuel to the fire. We all must take remedial measures to stem the rot.

I hereby suggest that every city of our Nation, small or big, should announce ‘a No Honking Day’.

The Central and State Governments should declare FIRST Sunday of every new year (January) as “a No Honking Day”, officially.

Let’s have “a No Honking Day” on 3rd January 2016. To start with.

Requesting all of you to spread this message and forward/circulate as it is, in your respective Social Media Network of Whatsapp groups/Individual Contacts, Facebook, Twitter, and other forums.

Let this reach to the powers that be.

Let’s come together n work for betterment of OUR tomorrow!

Thanks and regards,
Milind Kale

Mulund, Mumbai
+91 9987582416