An ode of humanity

France terrorist attack…

An ode of humanity

The Sun, Stars, Comets, n Moons
Celestial galaxy encompasses @ll
Amphibian life is offered on a platter
Then why should some fanatics slaughter

Baseless, shameless and ruthless
They strike with whims and fancy
Pune, Peshawar to Paris
The anarchists know no boundary

Acts of brutality and cowardice
The barbarians fit into a stone age
All religions, casts, creeds n prides
To Unite and retaliate with courage

The Amoeba, so vicious n venomous
Akin to a vampire strangulating a pure soul
Is amongst us in camouflage
To ensure bloodbath, chaos and inter-religious rage

A fervent appeal to the sane brethren
Decipher and interpret the HOLY book
Denounce in unison, weed out the extremists
Who are hiding in every corner n nook

Help salvage the world
From these sadists n rascals
This era of equality
Offers @ll an ample opportunity

From Pakistan to France to Yemen to Afghanistan
To Nigeria to Iraq to USA to India
A serious threat to our Global community
Must be crushed with a clenched fist and knock-out finality!!

Milind Kale, 15th November 2015

Time n again, it’s getting proved. Please understand who is the enemy number 1.
Prioritise your social media attacks

Milind Kale, 19th March 2016

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